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To advocates of secularism, democracy, and human rights throughout the world


Respected Friends,

Over the past few days, we have witnessed the unprecedented solidarity between leading political activists and groups, human rights organizations, the media, and citizens from around the world, as they raised their voices in unison in defense of the inalienable rights of Mehdi Khosravi, aka Yashar Parsa, to life and liberty.  This initiative, born of our commitment to shared universal values of human rights, secured the unconditional release of Mehdi Khosravi from a prison in Italy, where the rule of law ultimately prevailed and the judicial system rejected false accusations brought forth by the Islamic Republic of Iran to force his extradition.  We are confident that your noble efforts have been instrumental in preventing the extradition process, which would undoubtedly have dire consequences to Mehdi Khosravi’s wellbeing, with torture and execution under the most inhumane conditions being certain.  We are indebted to international media for their unbiased and uncensored coverage that has garnered worldwide attention.

We extend our sincere gratitude for your heartwarming letters, emails, messages, and expression of support that have brought comfort to Mehdi Khosravi in the moment of need.  We would like to convey our profound appreciation to the legal team whose round the clock hard work and dedication were the driving force behind this great victory of ours against forces of injustice and tyranny under the Islamic Republic of Iran.  On behalf of everyone involved in this international campaign, we recognize the fairness of the Italian judicial system in the thorough review of all accusations, facts, and evidences prior to ordering the unconditional release of Mehdi Khosravi.  This decision reaffirms the impartiality of the Italian judicial system and the predominance of the presumption of innocence within the framework of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

While we rejoice Khosravi’s safe return home in exile, our mission is not yet accomplished.  We join Khosravi and countless human rights activists around the world to urge the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience, and an end to the practice of torture and execution in Iran.  We resolve to be the voice of the voiceless whose basic human rights are denied by the theocratic regime in Iran.  We envision a secular democratic Iran, where the strict separation of state and religion would usher a new era in our nation’s history, the age of reason, respect for mankind and unwavering opposition to discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, etc.  In our commitment to secular democracy, we aspire to stand shoulder to shoulder with freedom loving nations around the world in strengthening and expanding the global reach of human rights.  In this moment of utter gratitude, we are reminded of the ageless poem by the twelfth century Persian poet, Saadi:

All human beings are members of one frame,
Since all, at first, from the same essence came.
When time afflicts a limb with pain
The other limbs at rest cannot remain.
If thou feel not for other’s misery
A human being is no name for thee

Best Regards,

Executive Council – Secular Party of Iran